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Lecture Notice 10-05-2010
Lecture by Dr Sanjay Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd, Pune at 4.00 pm in CCMB Lecture Hall.
Perspectives of Innovation in Indian Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry
Viva-Voce 27-04-2010
Viva-Voce of Ms. Pallavi Ghana. @ 12:00 noon
Molecular Characterization of Sleep : A Lesson from Drosophila
Viva-Voce 23-04-2010
Viva-Voce of Mr. P Chandra Shekar. @12:00 noon
Functional analysis of Argonaute 2 and 3 in mice
Lecture 23-04-2010
Lecture by Dr. Prakash Koodathingal, Dept.of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, The University of Chicago, USA. @ 4:00PM
Proofreading and discard mechanisms in pre-mRNA splicing
Lecture 23-04-2010
Lecture by Dr Priti Krishna, The University of Western Ontario London, Ontario, CANADA. @ 2:30 PM
Hsp90 and steroids in plants:novelty and conservation
Visitors 23-04-2010
CCMB Welcomes Dr. LACHLAN STRAHAN, Australian Deputy High Commissioner
Lecture 20-04-2010
Lecture by Prof. M R N Murthy, Molecular Biophysics Unit, IISc, Bangalore. @ 2:30 PM
Structure and assembly of sesbania mosaic virus
Viva-Voce 20-04-2010
Viva-Voce of Mr Aneesh Goyal. @ 12:00 noon
Structure-function analysis of acyl-activating enzymes involved in cell wall lipid synthesis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Colloquium 20-04-2010
Colloquium by Mr Abhay K Thakur . @ 4.00 PM
Prion Protein: Photo-Oxidation, Amyloidogenesis and Interaction with small Heat Shock Proteins
Lecture 14-04-2010
Lecture by Dr. Malali Gowda, Dept of Plant Biology, Michigan State University,USA. @12:00 noon
Deep Sequencing of Transcriptome Improves Genome Annotation and Reveals Novel RNA Species
Viva-Voce 09-04-2010
Viva-Voce of Mr. Sumit Gandhi. @ 12:00 noon
Thesis : Interrelationship between Gene Silencing Phenomena in Drosophila melanogster
Lecture 09-04-2010
Lecture by Dr. Rituparna Sinha Roy, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, USA. @ 2:30PM
Engineering Novel Biomolecules for Biology and Medicine
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